"What is diakonia?

Diakonia is a two year process of spiritual formation and theological education for baptized members of the Lutheran Church. This process occurs in three basic ways:

  • By thorough grounding in the classic seminary disciplines of practical, systematic, historical, and Biblical theology; 

  • By identifying particular skills and aptitudes in ministry, and encouraging their use in the local parish; 

  • By providing spiritual growth through worship, retreats, and a supportive community of fellow students, mentors, and instructors.

These are the tools diakonia uses to help equip God’s people for service in parish and neighborhood ministries. The primary theme and focus of the diakonia experience is the word of Jesus in scripture (e.g. Mark 10:43): “Let the one who would be great among you be your servant (Greek: Diakonos).”


You can find out more about diakonia by going checking out their web-site at http://www.mcselca.org./diakonia/program_overview.html